How To Get Bigger Breasts Using Proven Tools and Techniques

How to Get Bigger BreastsHello everyone, I am Shirley Smith and I would like to welcome you to this page in which you will discover how to get bigger breasts.

Having flat chest in hurtful… Because it stops you from getting attraction that you want to have.

It is natural to do anything and everything for making breasts bigger


You don’t know the best way to make your breasts bigger AND you don’t have thousands of dollars for breasts augmentation. I know it is really difficult for you…

When you have to wear push-up bra every time

When you come to know you just can’t wear every dress

When you find your friends are more blessed than you

I suffered from these awkward feelings in past but from my experience I learned one simple thing…

…And that is

Even it seems nothing is working for you

Even you tried all advice that you get from your mother, sister or friends

Even you get no results from breast enlargement creams and pills

Then still,

It is not over… YES!! There are some ways that can help your breasts to grow up to two cup sizes

And More Importantly… In completely safe, natural and affordable way

If you want to see your breast grow every week then all you have to do is to watch this video below:


The reason I like Jenny Bolton’s “Boost Your Bust” so much is because Jenny Bolton provides complete step-by-step in making your breasts grow in completely safe and natural way. There are already thousands of women how tested these techniques and they all get results in less than 6 weeks.

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Having small breasts is not laughing matter especially to those women who are having flat chest. Breasts are not only the part of our body but they determine who we are. The bigger they are, the brighter we look. Having bigger breasts is not just about getting attraction from opposite sex instead it is much more than that.

I just want to say now there are some techniques that can increase your breast size up to 2 cup sizes FULLY NATURALLY…

And… More importantly, you don’t have to suffer from painful surgery to increase your breast size.

Additionally, the step-by-step guide that I am going to share with you in this page is very close to me because it helped me and many other girls to increase 2-3 cup sizes. In this guide you will find out how to get bigger breasts naturally.

This guide will cover:

  • Complete understanding about how breasts grow and how you can create environment in your body to help them grow
  • Powerful herbs that can boost the breasts growth along with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare homemade breast enlargement cream with them.
  • My personal bigger breasts exercises along with my personal routine
  • How you can increase the firmness of your breasts and stop them from sagging.
  • How you can make your breast round and bigger at the same time

After reading this how to get bigger breasts guide you will get complete understanding about how breast grow and proven plan that you can follow it to get two cup size bigger breasts.

It is important to understand this guide will not cover how to make your breast look bigger. If you want cheat sheet of making your breasts look twice bigger than their actual size then visit this link >>

Alright let’s start!!

Part 1 – How Breasts Grow!!

Before I will give you my tools and technique for breast enhancement I think it is important to first understand how breasts grow. The breasts growth time is often exciting but it brings lots of worries like will my breasts become bigger? Will they get round and firm? How they will be going to look? Will I get any side-effect?

Hormones (produce in glands) are important to make body function properly. Hormone controls each and every aspect of your body like how much fat your body will store or burn and when it comes to breasts growth then these hormones will decide when your breast will start growing and how much they will grow.


Estrogen is the essential hormone for breast enlargement because it controls various functions in which breast growth is one of them. Estrogen is also known as ‘Female Hormone’ because it is responsible for making us woman.

Estrogen is first release by ovaries at the age of 8-13 when fat level grows at certain point and then they start the production of Estrogen and continue to produce it till the end of Puberty causing our menstrual cycle to start and our breasts develops in this time.

Growth Hormone:

Growth Hormone is another vital hormone that controls the growth of various body parts including breasts. Importantly, Growth hormone is also the main reason why many women don’t have big breasts.

Nature designed breasts to produce milk for baby but in our modern society breasts are viewed as the symbol of ‘femininity’ and attractiveness, that is the reason we take a look on how we can increase the production of these two hormones so our breasts start growing.

Part 2 – How Breast Enlargement Work?

breast enlargement hormones

“Breasts are just like other part of the body – by doing right things you can make them grow as bodybuilders grow their muscle and people gain fat in their stomach”.Jenny Bolton

I have over 50,000 email subscribers for my newsletter on how to get bigger boobs and most of the time I received questions from females asking what foods, exercise and technique are best for their boobs growth. However, all these come to one thing and that is Hormones.

When it comes to breast enlargement it is hormone that plays vital role. Hormones control all body aspects from signaling brain to increase growth of various body parts. To make breasts grow bigger we need to create Puberty like environment in our body by manipulating hormone in our body. Don’t Worry!! This is the completely safe and natural method. Even this is the same process that many bodybuilders use to improve their muscle growth.

To make your breast grow you need to make 5 hormonal changes in your body that are:

  • Improve Estrogen
  • Increase Prolactin
  • Increase Progesterone
  • Increase Growth Hormone
  • Decrease Testosterone

Once you accomplished these 5 objectives your breasts will start growing every day and you continue to feel little growth pain inside your breast.

Herbs and exercises are two very best and natural methods for making your breasts bigger.

I never encourage using of synthetic hormones. Hormone Replacement Therapy may provide you instant results but they contain many side-effects such as depression, vomiting, Nausea, gall bladder disease, breast cancer and mood swing. Even if you think Hormone Replacement Therapy is the best option for you then I would suggest you to consult your doctor first. Self administrated hormone can be very dangerous.

Alternatively you can take help from this how to get bigger breasts guide to get your desired feminine body shape. In this guide we talk about safe and natural methods such as exercise and herbs (homemade breast enlargement cream) that can make your breasts grow up to 2 cup sizes. For many women this is big achievement.

Part 3 – Exercises That Can Make Your Breasts Bigger:

First tool that you need to improve your breasts size is exercises. Many women think exercises are for burning fat not for increasing fat inside breasts. Although exercises burn fat but there are few specific exercises that work on muscles beneath the breasts called pectorals. Exercises I will share in this how to get bigger breast guide will lift the Pectorals muscles and make your breast become bigger.

Here are the names of my four best breast enlargement exercises: (Click link to view how to perform them correctly)

Beside these four exercises you can also improve your breasts appearance by correcting your breast posture. What I mean is many women with small breasts take this problem to their heart and they end up making their breasts appear much smaller than they actually are. By improving your body posture (raising your shoulders and pushing them back) you can make your breast look twice bigger than they actually are.

Additionally, Jenny Bolton created a guide called BoostYourBust in which you will discover how to improve your posture so that you will look strong and confident lady with bigger breasts.

Here is my routine

  • 15 daily pushups
  • 10 daily reps of incline fly
  • 5 sets of bench press daily (1 set = 7 reps)
  • 6 sets of Pectoral fly (1 set = 10 reps)

Part 4 – Herbs That Make Your Breasts Bigger:

There is hardly any article on how to get bigger boobs that doesn’t contain the importance of herbs. Herbs plays very important role in making breast bigger because there are some herbs that contain properties for increasing hormones in the body that we need for breast growth. Herbs are considered as natural medicines because they not only provide essential minerals and vitamins but they also provide cure for many diseases.

When it comes to breasts enlargement then one research discovered over 500 herbs that contain Phytoestrogens (plant based Estrogen) but in our further research we conclude that girls need only three herbs for breast enlargement. The great thing is that all these three herbs are easily available in the market in raw form or in capsule form.

These three herbs are:

  • Red Clover
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Fenugreek

Although there is no death reported with these herbs however, these herbs are powerful so that is reason you must used them very carefully. The allergies with these herbs are very rare but introduce new herb in your plan gradually so you can analyze how your body is reacting to these herbs.

Another very important thing you have to take care is don’t exceed the manufacturer’s maximum dosage. If you are using capsules of these herbs then read label guidelines carefully.

How To Create Your Own Breast Enlargement Cream:

homemade Breast Enlargement CreamMany women think making breast enlargement cream is difficult which is not true. Everyone can easily create breast enlargement cream with the help of herbs mentioned above and using items available in kitchen.

You have to make sure your breasts should get these herbs directly and there is no best option than breast enlargement cream.

Sadly herbal capsules are not as effective as cream because most of the breast enlargement properties are extract by liver or kidney before they reach to breasts.

For homemade breast enlargement cream you need only few things that are:

  • 3 Herbs (Red Clover, Saw Palmetto and Fenugreek)
  • Air-tight bottles
  • Coffee blander or grinder
  • Large container with cheesecloth
  • Small jars to keep your herbal tinctures
  • Body lotion

First step of creating homemade breast enlargement cream is getting herbal extracts

Herbal Tinctures:

Step 1 :- Use air-tight jar that has tight fitting lid. You have option to use fresh herbs or dried herbs if you are using fresh herbs than they are more effective than dried herbs but they are very difficult to get. Make sure to don’t use powered herbs as they are difficult to filter.

Step 2 :- Chop these herbs with the help of grinder or coffee blender and put them into jar with tight fitting lid such as canning jar

Step 3 :- Pour 100% proof alcohol or grain alcohol over the herbs in the jar. Cover herbs with alcohol and put alcohol two-three inches above these herbs. If you are using grain alcohol then mix it with equal quantity of water. If you are not comfortable with alcohol then you can use vinegar. Vinegar is not as effective as alcohol. Put alcohol overtime because these herbs absorb and expand.

Step 4 :- Put the lit tightly and shake well then put the jar at the dark place for 4-6 weeks. Keep checking the jar and don’t forget to shake after few days to allow alcohol to extract the active components from herbs.

Step 5 :- After 4 to 5 weeks strain herbs and use large container lined with cheesecloth. Make sure to squeeze every little drop from the cloth. Use funnel to transfer mixture from large container into small jars and keep it in dark place.

Step 6 :- Your herbal tinctures is now prepare you don’t have to prepare it again because this herbal tinctures will stay good for 5-6 years. Once this herbal tinctures is prepare now it is time to prepare your first breast enlargement cream.

Mix Herbal Tinctures with Body Lotion:

To create breast enlargement cream you have to mix herbal tinctures with any body lotion. Make sure to use body lotion that can absorb by your skin quickly. Use eye dropper to add a single drop of this herbal tinctures with one table spoon of body lotion.

Make sure you don’t make too much of this cream because it has only 1 week of shelf life. In case you want to make extra cream then keep it away from sunlight in the dark because light can break active ingredients and make it ineffective.

Massaging Your Homemade Breast Enlargement Cream:

Breast massage is one of the effective methods for breast enlargement. Additionally, breast massage is very simple that is why you don’t need any professional help as well. Use 3 finger-scoop of cream and create covering over your breast. Now start from the nipple keep massaging your breasts in clockwise direction.

My Personal Breast Enlargement Routine:

I have covered every tool and technique that you need to start breast growth in this how to get bigger breasts guide. Now you have very good idea about how to get bigger boobs, how exercise can help in breast enlargement, herbs that can activate breast growth and most importantly how to prepare your own breast enlargement cream at home.

Since breast enlargement routine needs you to follow it step-by-step that is why I decided to put this part in short 12-pages guide.

What Does That Mean?

You will get eBook about how to utilize above mention techniques in order that helped me and over 50,000 females in getting 2 cup sizes bigger breasts. If you are interested in my personal breast enlargement routine then download my ebook below and get started from the very next moment.


I hope you will get ‘feminine’ body that you always wanted to have!!


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